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Read on for advice about taking a taxi in Fukuoka. Get information about fares, how to order a taxi and how much a taxi in Fukuoka will cost. Find out about taking a taxi tour and how much you should tip your driver. See if Uber is available in Fukuoka. Information updated 2024.

Japanese taxis
Japanese taxis

The good things about taking taxis in Japan:

  • Taxi drivers are very unlikely to try to rip you off (unlike many other countries)
  • They are usually nicely dressed with a uniform and smart white gloves
  • The taxis are clean
  • They are reliable
  • They use meters
  • You can usually find them waiting outside train stations

The bad things about taking taxis in Japan:

  • They are expensive
  • Most taxi drivers don’t speak English
  • It’s difficult to find a taxi at busy periods
  • Taxi drivers often get lost
  • They may not want to stop for foreigners

Why do taxi drivers often get lost?

Because Japan has a weird system of house numbering. For example #1 may be far from #2 or #3. Often houses or buildings in a street will be numbered based on the order they were built instead of numerical order. This means your driver may need to drive around and around to find the correct place. Hint: if you know the telephone number of the hotel or restaurant you are going to the driver can probably put it into his SatNav. This should help him find the address more easily.

How much is a taxi in Fukuoka?

Probably like your country you will pay a fixed fare at the start of your journey and then additional fees. These prices are updated for 2023:

¥580 for the first kilometer

Then additional fare depending on distance travelled:

¥325 for each additional kilometer

Waiting time per hour:

¥2450 per hour

See below for information about taking a taxi from Fukuoka Airport.

Above costs are all approximate and subject to change. If you find this information is out of date please let everyone know in the comments below.

These fares are for standard 4-person taxis. Note that they don’t have huge space for luggage. Four people with luggage may need two taxis. Larger ‘jumbo’ taxis are sometimes available for higher cost.

The fare will increase for waiting time or driving slowly in a traffic jam. You’ll pay additional fees for things like ordering in advance or late-night hours. Toll fees will be added to your bill but you probably won’t encounter tolls in trips around the city center.

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Can I haggle the price?

No (this isn’t Bali or Thailand).

How to get a taxi in Japan?

You can flag taxis down in Japan. Look out for a red light on top. This means the taxi is ‘available’ whereas green light means ‘unavailable’ (intuitively this seems the wrong way round, I know). If you prefer you can queue at a taxi rank instead of waiting for one to randomly pass by. If you want to take a taxi from your hotel you can ask the hotel staff to order one for you (better do this in advance). Be aware that because of the strict no-drink-and-drive laws here taxis can be hard to find at boozy times like Friday and Saturday nights.

Update 2023: many drivers left the taxi business during the COVID-19 pandemic and have not returned. It has become increasingly difficult to find a taxi. If you need a taxi for an urgent trip ~ for example early morning transfer from your hotel to the airport ~ we strongly recommend you ask your hotel to book your taxi in advance. We even have clients reporting that when they tried to book a taxi the night before for an early morning trip the next day, no taxis were available. Luckily the subway from central Fukuoka city to the airport is incredibly convenient; it’s literally a 5-6 minute ride! Of course struggling with all your suitcases may not be much fun.

How to get a taxi from Fukuoka Airport?

Taxis wait outside the international terminal at Fukuoka Airport. You can see them as you exit the arrival hall. Usually there are enough taxis but at busy periods you may need to wait. It’s better you show the taxi driver the name of your hotel written in Japanese. You can get this information from your hotel website or Google Maps. From Fukuoka Airport to Hakata the taxi fare is around ¥2,500. It is less than 4 KM and takes 10-15 minutes.

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Can I take a taxi tour?

Yes you can but don’t expect the driver to speak English. The clue is in the name. The driver is a driver not a guide. For a 4-hour tour expect to pay around ¥50,000. The price depends on distance but it usually comes to about ¥10,000 per hour. This is for standard taxi with capacity for 4 passengers and space for some luggage (but not a lot). For larger vehicles the price is more expensive.

Contact us for a quote for a taxi sightseeing tour or long-distance taxi trip. Unfortunately we cannot help arrange short taxi trips within Fukuoka city (for example hotel to airport).

Renting a car in Japan

We help arrange a rental car for lots of our guests. In fact, it’s more popular than train travel. There are a lot of advantages of renting a car. You can see a lot of places in a limited time. You have more freedom. You aren’t restricted to timetables. Less planning is required for a journey. Kyushu may be a better place to rent a car than other parts of Japan. The travel distances are shorter. The roads are less crazy. The traffic jams are less. Also it’s a more rural island. This means train coverage can be less extensive. There are though disadvantages of renting a car for your holiday. Some people might find self-driving less relaxing than travelling by train. Navigating may be a headache. Parking fees and the costs of tolls can soon add up. If you request Kyushu Journeys to plan your itinerary we will advise whether rental car or train is most suitable.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus?

Really expensive. For a small bus you can expect to pay around ¥150,000 per day. That’s just the fee for bus, driver and gasoline. You usually need to pay parking fees and toll road fees as additional cost. You also can’t expect the driver to speak English or act as a guide. This is why most of our clients (60%) use rental car self-drive for their Kyushu trip. The remaining 40% use trains and bus. We only use bus for large groups.

Contact us for a quote for minibus sightseeing trip and/or long-distance minibus journey from A to B. Unfortunately we cannot help arrange short trips within Fukuoka city (for example hotel to airport).

Do taxis in Japan take credit cards?

These days most taxis (but not all) take payment by credit card. If you don’t have any cash check your credit card is accepted before starting the trip. Also check if you only have a ¥10,000 note to pay with. Why is it taxi drivers worldwide never seem to have enough change?

Should I tip my taxi driver?

Whether you pay by cash or by card there is no need to tip. You can leave some small change if you pay by cash but it’s not expected. The driver already earned his/her money with the hefty fare.

Anything else I should know?

The left-side back door opens and closes automatically. Don’t do what most foreigners do and try and yank it open or closed.

Can I get Uber in Fukuoka?

Yes. Starting 2023 Uber is now available in Fukuoka, details here.

Can I get Grab in Fukuoka?

Grab is similar to Uber. It’s available in many countries in Asia but not in Japan. Anyway Grab recently bought Uber (South East Asia) so probably both won’t continue to operate. The price will probably increase too, right? Watch this space.

We hope you found this information about taking a taxi in Fukuoka useful. If you have any extra tips, information or advice about Fukuoka taxis share it in the comments section below. If we got anything wrong let us know.

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  1. Hi.
    I am wondering how to book a taxi from Nakasukawabata to Fukuoka Domestic Airport.
    As I am not staying in a hotel, I am unable to get someone to book it for me. I am staying in an apartment and the owner suggested that I call and book the taxi on my own. However, I do not speak Japanese and not sure how to go about in doing it.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. I’m surprised the owner of the apartment won’t do that for free as part of his/her service Joyce. Unfortunately I don’t know any taxi company here that will reliably accept bookings in English. Maybe the tourist information office will do it for you? Not sure, but you can try. If that works please post back here to help others in same situation in the future.

      Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  2. Hi,
    This is very informative. Will be travelling in group and it’s a diy trip, we plan to take taxi going to Trip Pod Chiyo B but the check in counter is located in Gionmachi Hakata-ward. Do taxi wait if we request to bring us to Chiyo after checking-in?
    Hope you can give idea.

  3. Glad i found this! Was hoping to visit Toho pottery village and will be based at Hakata. What is the best way of getting there? thanks Simon!

    1. Hi Noel, I sent email to you but in case others are reading this, as I mentioned, Toho (Koishiwara) is really difficult to get to from Fukuoka city. It’s off the rail network and so takes more than two hours travel by bus. You need to change buses because there is no direct bus, and there are very few buses each day so it’s difficult to get good connection. We sometimes arrange taxi charter for clients but this isn’t at all cheap in Japan I’m afraid. Simon

  4. Hey I was wondering, how is it that every taxi I called cannot pick me up in early morning ( like 5:30 ) do they not have a 24 hour service? can someone explain this?

    1. Sorry to hear you are having problems Kieran. We often book taxis for our clients at that time or earlier to catch early flights at the airport. Not sure what happened in your case – perhaps there was communication problem? Try asking your hotel to make the booking if possible.


  5. Hi, i will stay at Picolo Hakata. How can i get taxi from Hakata Station to the hotel? As i google the distance with walking is 600m. How much should I pay then?

    1. Hi Erny,

      Even though it is such a short distance you will still need to pay the minimum amount on the taxi meter, which is usually around ¥700 ~ ¥800.


  6. Happy to find this site. Would you know if it’s easy to get a cab from Dazaifu Tenman-gū Shrine going to Fukuoka International Airport? Any reliable taxi service app you can recommend? Thanks much.

    1. Hello Ces,

      I don’t recommend any particular service because I never had reliability problem with any taxi here. I don’t think you will have a problem getting a cab from Dazaifu to the airport but of course leave yourself enough time in case you need to wait for a taxi. Enjoy your tip!


  7. I will be traveling from Fukuoka airport to hotel MYSTAYS Tenjin. 4 adults with 4 large luggage. Do you think I can take just one taxi and how much is the cost?

    1. Hi Pauline,

      The fee for one taxi from the airport to Tenjin will probably be around ¥1500~2000. It depends how large your luggage is but probably you will need to either take two standard taxis or one larger taxi. At the taxi stand in front of the airport you can see signs for regular taxis and also signs for larger taxis (though the larger taxis are less common). The best thing to do is just head to the taxi stand when you arrive and see what is available at that time. Hope this helps.


    2. I want to go to the fukuoka airport at 05.00 am in the morning. But japan taxi says no taxi at that time. How can i get taxi..I stayed at apartment.

      1. Taxis are available 24/7 Rohelda. You will need to ask the owner of your apartment to call one for you because it’s difficult to arrange in English.

        Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  8. Do yo think the taxi will be willing to drive me even if it’s only 1km? Because I’ll be bringing luggage as well as my 60+ year old mom.

    1. No problem Nellie. They have minimum charge so it shouldn’t be a problem.

      Regards, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  9. Hi, I’m so glad I found your website.
    I’m travelling with 3 other adults and a child (2 yrs) (total 4 adults and 1 child)
    Is it okay to get one taxi to travel around the city?

    1. Unfortunately not Jason, it exceeds standard taxi capacity of 4 passengers (even though one is only little).

      Regards, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

    1. Hello Siow,

      For any regular taxi around town or to the airport you can always ask your hotel to book it. For an early morning taxi it’s better you arrange it the day before. Hope this helps.

      Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  10. my flight is at 7.50 am. and stay at the hotel near Hakata Station.Is it possible to get a taxi at 5 o’clock in the morning to Fukuoka International airport. tq

  11. I’m so glad I found your website. It is very helpful. I am wondering how to get from the Fukuoka airport to the ryokan Nishi-kaku at night. Ours flight gets in around 8:15pm. How much might it cost?
    Thanks, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,

      I don’t know Nishi-kaku and I can’t see it in Google search. Can you give more detail about its location?

      Regards, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  12. i would like to get taxi from tokyu stay hakata hotel to airport at 530am. for 6people with 7luggages.
    what could be the best suggestion. thanks

    1. Hi Ivan,

      Suggest you ask your hotel to order it – you can arrange it day before.

      Hope this helps.

      Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  13. Hi,
    What’s the best way to travel from Fukuoka airport to Canal Washington Hotel with 5 adults, 2 child with 8 pieces of luggage (includes 2 cabin) ?Is there a maxi taxi? Is there a long wait time to queue for taxis at the airport?


    1. Hiya Mei,

      It’s only 20 mins by taxi from the airport so I suggest you take two taxi to your hotel. There is usually a plentiful supply of taxis and only short waiting time.

      Hope this helps, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  14. Hello. Would it be possible to get a taxi from Oita to Fukuoka Airport?

    If so, how much is this likely to cost? Thanks.

    1. Hi Martin,

      It is possible but it won’t be cheap. I don’t know exactly because none of our clients has ever taken a taxi from there before. Suggest you ask at your hotel – they will know better and will be able to book one for you.

      Regards, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  15. Hello, may I know what is estimate taxi fare from Reisenkaku Hotel Kawabata to fukuoka international airport?

    Thanks & best regards

    1. Hey Alexis,

      To/from central Fukuoka (Hakata etc) which is where your hotel is, to airport is around ¥1500. You can ask your hotel to help you book taxi.

      Hope this helps, Simon

    1. Hiya,

      That’s more than an hour by taxi so you can expect to pay more than ¥15,000. Another option is to take bus or subway to Hakata Station and train direct to Karatsu from there. Hope this helps.


    1. Hi Daniel,

      Taxi from Fukuoka Airport to Solaria should be around ¥2,200 ~ ¥2,700 (of course this is approximate amount).

      Hope this helps, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

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