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Kyushu Geisha

Kyushu Journeys


Relax and Unwind

Enjoy the comfort and service at exquisite ryokan hotels with the finest gourmet cuisine. Rejuvenate in toasty hot springs. Come back home from your trip feeling refreshed and revived.

Escape the Crowds

Visit Kyushu for a quieter and more peaceful trip. Ancient temples, cherry blossoms, autumn colours and scenic beauty.

Discover the Real Japan

Come with us and explore hidden festivals and backstreet restaurants. Discover a side of Japan that most visitors never see.

Sakura Update: Looking for the best dates to visit for Kyushu cherry blossom viewing? Get the latest updated Kyushu cherry blossom dates here.

What to Do in Kyushu

  • Ancient temples
  • Country walks
  • Medieval castles
  • Bubbling volcanos
  • Cherry blossoms
  • Lively shrines
  • Summer festivals
  • Traditional dance
  • Hot-spring onsen
  • Rural villages
  • Brewery visits
  • Scenic beauty
  • Autumn colours
  • Japanese inns
  • Sake tasting
  • Pottery villages
  • Primordial forests
  • Incredible food

About Us

Owned and managed by a local who loves her island Kyushu Journeys strives to be a different kind of travel agent.

We aim to operate at all times with honesty and integrity. We won’t be driven by industry discounts or commissions. That’s why we charge everything at cost price and simply add a clear and transparent itinerary planning fee.

We’ll work with you to plan your very own Kyushu trip. We put in the hours to plan your perfect itinerary. You just enjoy your holiday. Leave it to us to find the hotels, plan the route and research your holiday activities. Whatever kind of tour you like is exactly the kind of tour you’ll get. It’s your own personal vacation, not a one-size-fits-all package tour.

Expect the highest levels of customer service, specialist local knowledge and unbiased travel advice.

We are a fully licensed travel agent with all protections in place. We’re trying our best to be not just the usual Japanese travel agent.

About You

You don’t want to join a group trip on a package tour. You want to travel with your loved one, your friends or your family.

You want your own Kyushu itinerary. You want to choose the things you like to do, on your own budget, with the travelling style you like. You’re looking for a specialist Kyushu travel agent.

You need help to overcome the language barrier. You want local tips, restaurant and hotel recommendations, and travel advice. You want to visit the best places and do the best things. You want to avoid the tourist traps. You want expert local advice.

You’re busy living your life and you don’t have time to plan. You just want to book your flights and enjoy your Kyushu tour.

If this sounds like you fill in the form below.

How it Works

First send us whatever plans you have about your trip. Perhaps you don’t have any ideas yet just questions. That’s fine too. We can help you decide when to come and how long to stay.

We’ll give options of activities you can do, things you can see and food you can try. You choose how much you want to spend on hotels and how you want to travel. Tell us anything you’ve read about or seen on TV.

We put all this together and plan your itinerary. We’ll give our suggestions too (ideas that only a Kyushu local knows). We’ll consult with you as we plan your vacation.

We do all the time-consuming work, you just get ready to enjoy your trip.

How much does it cost?

The planning fee for a one week trip around Kyushu is just ¥29,900 (currency converter here). This is the total charge for your group or family, not per person. The great thing is your hotels, transport and activities will be charged at cost price. This means that even after paying this planning fee you’ll get a better deal than with any other Kyushu travel agent. Think of all the time and hassle you’ll be saving too!

Don’t worry about sending your initial enquiries. You won’t be charged anything until we’ve agreed to work together to plan your trip.

Let’s get started.

Kyushu Journeys client

Without your suggestions and planning, we would have just visited the big towns and missed the smaller destinations. You guys are great and provide excellent advice on travel in Kyushu. Keep up the great work you are doing!

Cindy & Nicholas Lowe
(Malaysia) May 2018

Your Kyushu Vacation Starts Here

Let us know as much or as little about your travel plans as you know yourself. We’ll get right back with everything you need to know to start your Kyushu vacation.

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