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Please read and ask any questions you have about these Terms & Conditions before making any payment to Kyushu Journeys as your trip planner.

Kyushu Journeys will plan a visit to Kyushu up to 7 days (6 nights) for a Planning Fee of ¥57,500. For any additional days after 7 days add ¥7,500 per day. This fee assumes that you and your travelling companions follow the same itinerary.

The Planning Fee is for a group of maximum 5 pax. For any additional participants after 5 pax add ¥5,000 per person. There is no additional charge for children aged 5 years or younger at time of travel.

In return for receiving this Planning Fee, all charges for accommodation and transport will be passed onto you at cost price without any markup by Kyushu Journeys.

The Planning Fee excludes all costs for the trip such as guiding service, accommodation, transport, meals and any other activities. The Planning Fee is simply payment for the work done by Kyushu Journeys in researching, advising, creating your personalised itinerary and planning your trip.

Kyushu Journeys will be available during your trip by phone or by WhatsApp in case of emergency or if you have any language problems. There is no extra charge for this service.

To keep things simple and avoid miscommunication Kyushu Journeys will communicate with just the group leader throughout the planning process. Therefore at the start please choose one person (probably yourself) as group leader. All information and requests from other group members should be channeled through the group leader. All payments to Kyushu Journeys should come from the group leader.

All travellers are required to hold travel insurance in case of accident, illness or emergency.

All travellers are required to ensure they meet any passport and visa requirements to enter Japan.

About accommodation:

You can choose to book and make payment yourself via online travel agents (Agoda etc) or if you prefer we can do it on your behalf. In cases where no English online option is available we will make bookings and payment on your behalf.

We will always ask your agreement before booking any accommodation.

There is no fee for Kyushu Journeys booking accommodation on your behalf. However cancelling accommodation after confirmation for any reason will incur an admin charge of ¥2,500 per hotel.

About transport:

For rental car you can choose to book and make payment yourself online or we can do it on your behalf.

There is no fee for Kyushu Journeys booking rental car on your behalf. However cancelling after confirmation for any reason will incur an admin charge of ¥2,500 per car.

For purchase of JR Kyushu Rail Pass the traveller him/herself is required to purchase. Booking of individual train tickets will be on a case-by-case basis.

About self-booked cars or accommodation:

If you choose to book any rental car or accommodation yourself please communicate directly with that vendor regarding all details (type of car, meal requests, room requests, changes to your booking or any other details). Due to previous issues regarding this matter, Kyushu Journeys is unable to act as go-between, mediator or translator between yourself and any vendor with whom you self-booked.

About payment and cancellation:

Payment of Planning Fee is to be made at the start of the planning process. The Planning Fee is non-refundable in full or in part after trip planning has started.

There is no credit card surcharge for paying Planning Fee.

In cases where booking is made for accommodation or transport by Kyushu Journeys on your behalf full payment is required at time of booking. If paying by credit card there is a 3% surcharge. For hotels or other activities we pay by bank transfer within Japan we will add ¥300 per hotel or activity to cover local bank transfer fee.

In case of cancellation Kyushu Journeys will refund all monies returned by the hotels or car rental company minus any bank or credit card fees. Refund will be processed in the same way you made payment (for example if you paid by credit card, the refund will be returned to you via your credit card).

There will be a ¥3,000 service charge for any trips our staff are required to make (train stations, post office etc). As almost all planning and arrangements are done online this service charge is very rarely required.

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