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Breaking News: Finally!! Japan is fully open for international travel 🎊 Starting Oct 11: ERFS not required and we no longer offer ERFS service. No visa is required if you are from a list of 68 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, US, Canada, UK, HK, Australia & NZ.

How to get ERFS

Finally you can visit Japan on a private trip with family or friends with no requirement to be accompanied by a guide. Your visit needs to be arranged with a Japanese travel agency. The travel agency will issue your visa sponsorship certificate (called ERFS). You take this ERFS certificate to your local Japanese Consulate to receive your tourist visa. The most important requirement is that the travel agency should book your flights and all hotels. Don’t worry we can do that for you then issue your ERFS. Then you just need to get your visa, jump on the plane and enjoy Japan again after such a long, long time away.

Go ahead and message us right now to get started or read below for complete information.

How much does ERFS cost?

There is a fee of JPY ¥20,000 per person to issue your visa sponsorship certificate (ERFS). 

How long does it take to issue ERFS?

We can issue your ERFS in less than 48 hours however many consulates have long backlogs in visa processing. Before requesting ERFS from us please contact the Japanese consulate you will use to apply for your tourist visa. Make sure you understand the cost, timeframe and procedure (including eligibility and required documents) for them to process your visa application.

Is this for tourism only?

ERFS is issued for many reasons such as business trips, work, family visits  and study. We can issue ERFS only for purposes of tourism. Please do not request an ERFS if you intend to work (paid or unpaid) or attend business meetings, take an internship or engage in study or training of any kind. We are a travel agency and we only do fun!

Do I need a guide?

No. Now you can visit Japan without needing a guide and without joining a tour group. It will be just you, your family and friends.

Can I book my own accommodation?

No. The rules require that we book all your accommodation in Japan. We charge a booking fee of JPY ¥7,500 per hotel booking (per hotel, not per night, not per person). Please inform us which hotel you want to stay for each night of your trip and any specific requests about type of room, twin or double, smoking or non-smoking, any meal request etc. We will check whether the rooms are available and if they meet current government requirements. Please note we cannot book AirBNB. Staying at friends or relatives houses is not permitted under the government regulations. We will book the hotels either by contacting the hotel directly or with OTA (Expedia). We will request payment for the hotel by credit card at the time we make the booking. Payment when checking-in is not available. In case of cancellation we will refund your hotel payment according to the hotel or OTA policy. Any changes or cancellation after booking will incur a fee of ¥5,000 per hotel.

Can I book my own flight?

No. The rules require that we book your flights to and from Japan. We charge a booking fee of JPY ¥10,000 per person for flight booking (¥15,000 if just one person). Please check availability of your preferred flight on the airline website before contacting us. If the flight is available please inform us flight numbers and dates for arrival and departure flights so we can check the price with our flight supply agency. You can expect the price to be similar to booking directly with the airline plus our booking fees. Unfortunately our flight supply agency does not offer low cost (LCC)  or budget airlines. Also note booking fees will be charged for each different airline if your itinerary uses more than one airline. In case of cancellation we will refund your airline payment according to the airline policy.

Important note about flight bookings: with the Japanese yen dropping like a stone now, the airline prices often increase daily. After giving you a quotation we cannot lock the price so please be ready to make payment the same day.

For all payments we collect from you (our fees, ERFS fees, airline ticket cost, accommodation charges, rental car charges etc) we will supply a secure credit card link. Important: please note a 3% surcharge for all credit card payments will be added to your invoice. We will request payment in JPY and the exchange rate will depend on your bank or credit card provider.

Should I come to Japan now or wait?

The Japanese government is really making it difficult to visit Japan now with all these needless rules. We understand why you may prefer to wait until the regulations are relaxed. However there are two great reasons to visit right Japan now: 1) the Japanese yen is really weak so money will go a long way, and 2) take your chance to visit Japan before the crowds of tourists return.

If you are ready to visit Japan contact us now for your ERFS. Let us know when you are coming and how many travellers. We’ll get back to you with everything you need to know to start the process to get your ERFS. If you have any other questions leave a comment below.

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  1. After a week, I will travel to Tokyo and my nationality is Swedish. I want gold as a tourist. What are the procedures required, thank you

    1. Yes we can. However see note above (highlighted in yellow) about possibility of Japan fully reopening soon. If you are on a tight budget you may want to take a chance and wait to save spending money on ERFS that may not be required by then. If you want certainty, contact us at [email protected] and we can help process your ERFS according to all the procedure mentioned on this page, thanks.

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