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How will you plan my itinerary?

At the start of the planning process we’ll send you a questionnaire to complete. This will give you choices of activities you want to include, food you want to try, the way you prefer to travel and the budget for your accommodation. You can add anything you have seen on TV or read about. We’ll use this info to plan your itinerary and add our suggestions too. We’ll consult with you throughout the planning process.

The great thing is we do all the work. All the time-consuming effort of researching accommodation, checking timetables, enquiring about activities and putting it all together into a seamless itinerary is our job.

Where will my tour start and end?

You just need to get yourself to and from Fukuoka (the main city of Kyushu island) and we’ll take over the arrangements from there. You can fly into Fukuoka International airport from your own country or arrive by train or plane from another part of Japan.

Will I be on a group tour?

No you won’t. It’ll be just you and your friends or your family, or perhaps you’ll come alone.

How long is my tour?

We’ll plan a customised itinerary just for you so come for as long as your travel plans allow.

Will I be with a guide?

No you won’t. We’ll give you all the info you need to explore Japan for yourself bother-free. 

What if I have language problems?

Give us a call or a WhatsApp message. We offer a fully bilingual (English/Japanese) hotline completely free of charge. It’s available out of hours too in case of emergency.

How will I get around?

We won’t squeeze you into a big tour bus. We plan itineraries to make use of the excellent public transport here in Japan (bus, train, subway). The rail network in Japan is one of the best in the world. You’ll stroll around too and some short journeys may be by taxi. Perhaps you prefer to self-drive. The choice is yours.

How much will my tour cost?

This depends on you. We arrange everything based on the standard of travel and accommodation you request. Then we add all those costs together + our planning fee = final price. It’s important to note we charge your travel and accommodation at cost price. We don’t add anything. 

How much is the planning fee?

Kyushu Journeys will plan a visit to Kyushu up to 7 days (6 nights) for a Planning Fee of ¥45,000 (currency converter here) . For any additional days after 7 days add ¥5,000 per day. This fee assumes that you and your travelling companions follow the same itinerary.

The Planning Fee is for a group of maximum 5 pax. For any additional participants after 5 pax add ¥5,000 per person.

All your accommodation, transport and activities will be charged at cost price. You’ll find that even after paying this planning fee you’ll get a better value trip than you would with most other travel agents because we don’t mark everything up like they do.

Don’t worry about sending your initial enquiries. You won’t be charged anything until you’ve made a firm decision to use us as your trip planners.

What if I’m on a tight budget?

At the start of the planning process we will give you some accommodation and transport cost options. We’ll check with you before booking any hotel. It means you will always be in control of the budget.

What kind of accommodation will I stay?

You can choose depending on your prefered style and budget. There are western hotels budget or luxury. For Japanese style choose from family-run inns (minshuku) or traditional hotels (ryokan). We’ll suggest some hot-spring (onsen) resorts too. In rural areas you can stay at a farmstay and in summer you can camp. We’ll give you different options as we plan your trip. We won’t book anything without asking you first.

When is the best time to come?

Spring and autumn offer the best weather. You get the bonus of cherry-blossom in spring and autumn colours in (when else?) autumn. However you can travel in Japan in any season. Contact us at the start of your planning process so we can help you choose the most suitable time for you.

How soon should I book?

If possible contact us 4-6 months before your trip. If you trip is closer than that get in touch ASAP. Don’t worry if your dates are not confirmed yet. This is especially important for peak periods like cherry blossom season. Japan is enjoying a tourist boom so flights and hotels fill up quickly. Don’t forget too that most hotels become more expensive the closer you get to the travel date. However we do understand that for many reasons you may not be able to book so far in advance. Whenever you plan to come contact us as soon as you can.

Do I need a visa to enter Japan?

Probably not. You can get visa-free entry into Japan from most countries. Contact us for confirmation.

Can I stay online in Japan?

Yes you can. We’ll advise the best way to keep your phone online. Don’t forget to disable your office emails and block your boss!

Is Japan okay for vegetarian travellers?

Yes it is. I’m a vegetarian myself and will give you all the help and advice you need.

Is Japan okay for Muslim travellers?

Yes it is. Me and my wife spent many years in Indonesia so we understand the requirements of Muslim travellers well (and the importance of this issue). We’ll give you all the help and advice you need.

What if I have a tattoo?

There might be some restrictions if you want to do hot spring (onsen) bathing or stay in some traditional hotels. Let us know in advance and we’ll find the best solution.

What kind of things can I do in Kyushu?

Oohh, lots …

Eat at the famous riverside food stalls, Visit ancient temples, Take country walks, Explore medieval castles, Ride on a steam train, Gorge yourself at seafood huts, Soak in onsen hot spring waters, Do hanami (cherry-blossom viewing), Buy a pot, a plate and a mug, Wander the autumn colours, Take a sake brewery tour, Wear a kimono, Browse the latest electronics, Savour the best Wagyu beef, Explore primordial forests, Roam around ceramic towns, Buy sake or shochu, the best green tea or an exquisite Hakata Doll, Go scuba diving, Do Paragliding or motorized mountain boarding, Eat ramen and hotpot, Take your kids on a fun-themed train, Experience authentic kaiseki (multi-course) cuisine, Gallop through the countryside, Peer into bubbling volcano crater, Enjoy tempura and sushi, Shop ’til you drop, Pick fruit, Dance the night away, Watch sumo, See a traditional dance, Go to traditional theatre, Watch a baseball match, Visit rural villages, See tea plantations and rice terraces, Row a boat, Do star-gazing, Stay at traditional ryokan inns

… and more and more and more. See details and pics here.

What if I want to visit Kyoto, Tokyo or other parts of Japan?

From Kyushu to Kyoto takes less than 3 hours by shinkansen bullet train. You can fly to Tokyo from Kyushu in less than 2 hours. You can easily visit those places before or after your Kyushu trip. Unfortunately we can’t help with any travel planning outside Kyushu because we only know about what we love.

Let's get started

Have any more Kyushu travel questions? Got tips or advice for fellow travellers planning to visit Kyushu? Join the conversation below so we can share our knowledge.

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  1. Hi hi konichiwa
    I’m really intrigue n would ne d your advice to help plan 10 days trip in Kyushu
    It should be my parents and my partner so a total of 4 for now
    I’m thinking nov for now
    My father is socially interested in sight seeing train ( old antique train) n we can also self drive for some route
    My mum is vegetarian thus ur advice would be sooooo much appreciated
    Look forward to hear from u

    1. Konichiwa Angie-san,

      Sounds like a great trip!

      – November is a good choice because if Mother Nature is on schedule it’s the season for autumn leaves colour. We can include best spots for that in your itinerary.

      – There is a lovely old steam train operating in Kyushu (you can see photo of it our clients shared with us here: but it’s a seasonal train and last day of operation in 2019 is November 04.

      – I’m a vegetarian too! I’ll make sure mum doesn’t go hungry 🙂

      I’ve sent you an email so we can discuss more about your trip.

      Best wishes, Simon (Kyushu Journeys)

  2. Hi,
    I worked in Tokyo about 10 years ago for 3 months and got yo know it well, then revisited with my wife for a a weeks stop off holiday, we are thinking of a return holiday for 15 days what would recommend ?

    1. Hi Roy,

      I think you’ll find Kyushu a lot different to Tokyo. It’s much more peaceful and laid back here, more focused on tradition and natural beauty. In fact I found this quote just recently (from Escape Magazine):

      “Largely untouched by modern city development and western tourism, Kyushu retains olden authenticity. Its appeal is in the natural beauty; hot springs, gorges, volcanic mountains. There is a slowness here, long ago lost in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka.”

      I guess you already had your fill of Tokyo. There is enough to see and do in Kyushu for 15 days. Another option is to spend a week in Kyoto/Osaka area and a week in Kyushu. It’s less than 3 hours by train to get here from Kyoto/Osaka.


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